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Academy Referee Program


The Academy Referee Program was created to help develop individuals potentially interested in continuing their soccer career not only as players but as referees. It gives the children an opportunity to experience the responsibilities of being a referee in a less stressful and less competitive environment. It is strictly a learning experience and is meant to be a positive and enjoyable experience.

Rules and Responsibilities

  • The Academy Referee Program (“the Program”) is open to all members age twelve (12) to thirteen (13).
  • Only active members, in good standing, of the Club are eligible to participate in the Program.*
  • If a child turns 14 during the spring or fall season, that member is eligible to continue to participate in the program for that season.
  • If a member is 14 when the season begins, the member may still participate in the Program for that season provided that the member and her/his parent(s) or legal guardian(s) certify that the member has registered and is actively completing the online portion of the referee training program here.
    • The referee training/certification is for those who desire to continue with their referee career for Saturday Community and Sunday Travel games.
    • The member is only required to take the online portion of the course, and not required to take the final, classroom referee education to remain in the Program for the ongoing season the member is participating in the Program.
    • However, once the member does turn 14, and a referee clinic class is offered within 25 miles of North Hills, that member will no longer be eligible for the Program.
    • All Program participants will be encouraged to participate in the referee training program as there is a dearth of certified referees in the area.
    • Participation in the referee training program is not required in order to be a participant in the Program, but once a participant turns fourteen (14), the participant must take steps set forth above to remain in the Program.
    • The Club will reimburse any member who successfully completes the online and classroom clinic and becomes a certified referee provided the member works one season as a certified referee for the Saturday Community games.
  • All participants in the Program will be provided a referee shirt to be worn for their assigned games.
  • All participants must purchase a whistle and stopwatch to be utilized during the Academy games that they are refereeing.
  • A participant that fails to show for an assigned game will be subject to suspension or expulsion from the Program, at the discretion of the Academy Coordinator and Board of Directors.
  • A participant that is assigned a game, but then calls off by the Friday before his/her assigned game will not be censored.
  • Participants must arrive at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to kick-off. If a participant arrives prior to kick-off, but not at least 15 minutes before, the participant will be considered tardy.
  • Habitual call-offs or tardiness will result in suspension or expulsion from the Program.
  • Participants will be required to know the Rules of Play for the Academy games.
  • Participants will be paid for their time as Academy Referees, the amount set at the beginning of the season by the Board of Directors.
  • Participants should be aware that any abuse of referees will not be tolerated and are advised that if any member, coach, parent, or other individual, acts in any manner deemed inappropriate to the participant, that the participant should bring this to the attention of the Academy Referee Coordinator (“ARC”) or a Board Member so that the appropriate action can be taken.


  • Participants will be assigned games though the ARC.
  • The ARC will provide the weekly Academy Referee schedule no later than the Wednesday before that week’s games.
  • The ARC will attend the two Board of Directors meetings in the months preceding the start of the season (Example: the season starts April 2, the ARC will attend the February and March Board meetings, held every third Sunday of the month).
  • The ARC will attend the Board meeting following the season to provide a report on the season and to discuss the upcoming season.
  • The ARC will coordinate with the President as to the exact date, time, and location of the meeting and confirm attendance.
  • The ARC will attend these meetings to become aware and familiar with any decisions which may affect the Program, and to gain knowledge of the number of children expected to participate, and number of Referees needed, in the Academy program.
  • The ARC will report to the Board how many returning referees are confirmed for the upcoming season, as well as any known new candidates for the Program.
  • Before the end of the season, the ARC will coordinate with the Director of Communications and send out correspondence to the Club seeking new candidates to the Program (those children in the Club who will be between 12 and 13 years old by the time the season starts).
  • At least two months before the season begins, the ARC will once again coordinate with the Director of Communications and send out correspondence to the Club seeking new candidates to the Program.
  • At least one month before the season begins, the ARC will hold a meeting with all participants for the upcoming season to discuss the rules and expectations.
  • The ARC will be in communication with the Uniform Coordinator to ensure the Club has sufficient Referee Uniforms for the upcoming season.
  • The ARC reports directly to the President.
  • The ARC is appointed by the President following approval by the Board (majority vote).
  • The term of the ARC is not limited, but the ARC is subject to review by the President and Board.
  • The ARC can be removed at any time, for cause or no cause, subject to majority vote of the Board.
  • The ARC will provide a list of all Referees that have turned fourteen (14) to the Club Referee Assignor/Coordinator. They will work in conjunction in an attempt to facilitate a smooth transition for these individuals to move on as a referee.
  • Before resigning, the ARC will actively recruit a qualified and competent replacement. If no suitable replacement is found, the ARC will provide the Board with sufficient notice of the ARC’s desire to step down so that the Board has time to locate a suitable replacement.

*If there are no teams offered for a child’s age group, or if the child is playing Middle School or High School Soccer (fall seasons) and cannot also play for the Club, a request for exemption can be made to the Club.  If the child has been an active member in good standing with the Club in prior seasons, such an exception will be granted for purposes of participating in the Academy Referee Program.  

DRAFTED: 4/21/2017
ADOPTED: 6/27/2017
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