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Field and Equipment Safety

The North Hills Soccer Club (NHSC) Board of Directors is striving to be a leader not only on the field, but in safety as well. Below are Rules for all those who attend events at Reis Run.* These Rules are in place to keep everyone safe. These are our children, family and friends, so everyone has a vested interest in keeping Reis Run as safe as possible. It is incumbent upon everyone to do their part and control not just your children and guests, but to speak up when others are doing something that could cause harm to themselves or others. 

1. DO NOT CLIMB, HANG, PULL, PUSH, OR PLAY ON THE GOALS. This includes the nets attached to the goals. Climbing, hanging, pulling, pushing, playing, etc. on a goal or net can result in damage to the goal and net, but more importantly, the goal could tip, leading to injury or even death. This behavior will not and cannot be tolerated and must be stopped immediately. Continuation of this behavior will result in consequences, including but not limited to being asked to sit out of practice or a game, and may lead to a request to leave the field. Multiple violations will result in further sanctions, including expulsion from NHSC. If you see inappropriate behavior on or around the goals, please speak up. 

2. ALL GOALS ON THE FIELD SHOULD BE ANCHORED AT ALL TIMES. It is critical that goals are properly anchored with the appropriate weight to prevent the goals from tipping over, potentially causing injury. Your Coach will inform you before the start of the season what the appropriate weight should be for the type/size of goals in use. If your coach does not inform you of this fact, or is not following the guidelines in place for proper counterweighting of the goals, inform a NHSC Board Member immediately. IF YOU SEE AN UNANCHORED GOAL OR GOALS WITHOUT THE APPROPRIATE NUMBER OF SANDBAGS, PLEASE NOTIFY A COACH OR REFEREE IMMEDIATELY. See Counterweighting/Anchoring of Goals.

3. WHEN NOT IN USE, ALL GOALS MUST BE OFF THE FIELD AND LOCKED TO THE FENCE. When the goals are not being used for games or for training, they must be locked up against the fences that surround Reis Run. Chains are provided and placed strategically on the fences. It is the responsibility of the coach and team to ensure the goals are locked up after training and after the last game of the day. See Counterweighting/Anchoring of Goals.

4. DO NOT PLAY ON, AROUND OR WITH ANY GOAL LOCKED AGAINST THE FENCE. When not in use, all goals must be locked to the fence (open side facing the fence). No person should play on or with these goals. This includes shooting on these goals. If you see a child or adult playing on, around, or with these goals, please ask them to stop, or notify a Board member or coach or the behavior. 

5. USE CAUTION WHEN DRIVING IN PARKING LOTS. When driving, the speed in the parking lot should not exceed 10 mph. 

6. BE VIGILANT OF PEDESTRIANS IN THE PARKING LOTS. Please exercise extreme caution when driving in the parking lot. This includes when driving in reverse and backing out of a parking space. When walking through the parking lot, keep an eye out for moving vehicles. Do not allow children to dribble or bounce soccer balls in the parking lot. 

7. BE VIGILANT OF CHILDREN IN THE AREAS SURROUNDING THE FIELDS. Do not allow children to climb on field facilities including goals, fences, bleachers, storage containers or picnic tables. 

8. PICK UP ALL LITTER. We have many trash cans available at the fields – please use them. Even if you see trash that isn’t yours, help keep the fields clean and throw it away. When a garbage can is full, help keep Reis clean and take the trash can to the dumpster and empty the trash can, replacing it to its place on the field once empty. 

9. NO SMOKING. Smoking is not permitted at Reis Run. This includes electronic and E-cigarettes. This is a School District and NHSC Policy. 

10. NO PETS ALLOWED. Pets are not allowed at Reis Run. This is a School District and NHSC Policy. 

11. TREAT EQUIPMENT WITH RESPECT. Treat all equipment with respect – this includes, but is not limited to corner flags, sandbags, goals and nets. THESE ARE NOT TOYS. The better we treat the equipment, the longer it will last and the less NHSC has to spend on new equipment which will help keep the cost down for all members.

NOTE: NHSC wants to be a leader in field safety. For that reason, NHSC continues to search for the best way possible to make the field and the goals the safest in the area. NHSC has taken great strides in this area, but continues to investigate alternatives. This does not come without substantial cost to NHSC. The NHSC Board is doing its best to find alternative funding so that it does not pass the cost on to its members. Accordingly, NHSC will institute fundraising programs to pay for the costs associated with the changes and asks for your support. Your support in this effort is invaluable as NHSC is only as great as its members!

*Reis Run is a School District owned and operated facility. As such, we must comply with any school policies applicable to school property. While owned and operated by the School District, the Club is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the property and all soccer equipment. The School District takes care of any maintenance with regard to the concession stand, and maintains and mows the grass but goals, nets, garbage, safety, etc. are the responsibility of the Club.
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