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NHSC Parent Responsibilities

The North Hills Soccer Club (NHSC) Board of Directors is dedicated to providing a quality soccer experience for each child that registers to play. Each member of the NHSC Board of Directors volunteers his/her time to oversee the management, philosophy and technical aspects of the programs offered by NHSC. The success gained by NHSC occurs when parents volunteer to help and assist in the execution of the plan developed by the NHSC Board of Directors.

In order for NHSC to flourish and succeed, one must remember that “parent”* is synonymous with “volunteer.” Parental involvement is critical to the following key areas of NHSC:

1. Communications. All team parents serve as assistants to the team. Team parents will be asked to, among other things, remind parents of everyone’s responsibility for setting up or returning nets, picking up garbage, emptying the trash cans, and to assist the coach(es) with emergency contact of children (practice change, etc.)

2. Labor. Each team will be expected to set up or return goals if they are the first or last game or training session of the day. Goals are located around Reis Run, and are locked against the fences, in relatively close proximity to the field. Before the first game goals should be set up no later than a 1/2 hour before the scheduled game. Each team will be responsible for placing the
appropriate amount of counterweight to the back of each goal. At the end of all training and games, the last team to use the goals will return and lock up the goals as well as return the sandbags to their proper storage area.

3. Presence. Every child needs parental approval and encouragement as they seek new adventures. Soccer involves running, kicking, jumping, and related coordination skills and occasionally an injury may occur. In consideration of the positive benefit for the child, and in support of the effort of NHSC volunteers, parents are expected to be with their children at all games and training sessions.

4. Commitment. Being part of a team can be the most important benefit of a child's participation in the NHSC soccer program. Each child's commitment to teammates and coaches - to be hard working, respectful and reliable - begins with the commitment of the  parent(s).

5. Attendance. Players will receive training and game times, and each parent is asked to have the player to the field on time and ready to play at the time designated by the coach. Parents are to advise the coach of anticipated absences as soon as possible.

6. Praise. NHSC is committed to providing a positive playing environment for each child. Parents can support this effort by refraining from shouting instructions, directions and comments to the players during training and games. Words of encouragement and praise are welcomed and will further enhance the positive experience for each child. “Players play, coaches coach and parents cheer.” If at any time you feel another parent or coach is conducting himself or herself in a way that is not positive for the children please contact your age group coordinator or a NHSC Board Member for appropriate action to be taken.

7. Respect. NHSC attempts to assure that each volunteer receives adequate training to execute his or her duties. Each coach, administrator and coordinator is a volunteer and is doing their job to the best of their ability. If you find a need to address a concern with any NHSC volunteer you are asked to do so in an appropriate "adult only" environment. Soccer is a sport that encourages a mutual respect for the opponent and parent conduct at the field sets an example for each player.

8. Sideline Decorum. During games, you represent not only your family and child, but NHSC. Any negative comments, or abuse of referees, coaches, players, or other parents will not be tolerated. Offer only positive encouragement.

9. “24 Hour Rule.” If you feel the need to address your child’s coach after a game, NHSC has a “24 Hour Rule” in place. No parent should approach a coach to discuss playing time, tactics, strategy, etc. until 24 hours after the game. This 24 hour Rule allows for a “cooling off” period for both coach and parent.

*The term “Parent” is used generally in this regard and is all inclusive depending upon circumstance. Parent refers to any adult person who is the legal guardian of the child. 
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