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Coaching Resources

The North Hills Soccer Club relies on volunteers for its recreational soccer programs. Our Club is committed to help provide our coaches with all of the tools needed to provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience to all of our youth players.


Youth Soccer Skills Development

The development of skills in youth soccer is an essential building block to the happiness and success of a youth soccer player. A youth soccer player must be able to handle a soccer ball with their feet to be able to enjoy the game of soccer. If a player has developed their foot skills, they will play with confidence, and if they can play with confidence, they are more likely to have fun playing soccer.


The following three videos can help coaches, parents and players visualize the skills necessary to play soccer:

  • For beginner soccer players, they should focus on the Fabulous Five.
  • For intermediate soccer players, once they have learned the Fabulous Five, they should focus on the Terrific Ten.
  • For advanced soccer players, after mastering the Terrific Ten, they should focus on the Fantastic Fifteen.
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