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The North Hills Soccer Club (NHSC) Board of Directors is striving to be a leader not only on the field, but in safety as well. Below are Rules implemented by the NHSC Board of Directors with regard to anchoring goals when in use, and the storage of goals and sandbags at Reis Run: 


1. Before games, the team (coach and parents*) that plays first (typically 9:00 a.m. Saturday, 1:00 p.m. Sunday) is responsible for getting there early and moving the goals into place. It is the coach’s responsibility to let the parents know so they come early to help. This will not be done for the coaches Saturday morning by the Commissioners who come early. This is the coach and team's responsibility.

2. The goals must be on the field and properly anchored at least 30 minutes before kick-off.

3. The team (coach and parents) of the last game each weekend are responsible for moving the goals back and must lock them up to the fence - no exceptions

4. It is the Commissioners’ responsibility to advise the coach when his/her game is the first or last of the day. It is the coach’s responsibility to relay this information to the team and to ensure enough parents come early to help set up the goals. 

5. No child under 11 years of age should be permitted to assist in moving the goals

6. If the coaches want to use the goals for training - the same rules apply - they must unlock and lock them after every use. 

7. WHEN NOT IN USE, all goals must be locked to the fences surrounding Reis Run Field. 

8. There are chains placed on the fence close to each field - as close as possible to where the goals are to be placed on the field. 

9. Once the goals are unlocked, the chain must be locked to the fence when not in use - the chains and locks tend to disappear so they must be locked to the fence at all times, even during training sessions and games (when the goals are on the field and in use). 

10. Before the start of the season, the coaches will be provided the combination for the locks.

11. All goals should be picked up, off the field, when being moved – the goals should never be dragged across the field as this causes damage to the field, the goals, and the nets.

12. These same Rules apply for both the Pre Academy and Academy Divisions. All goals must be locked up when not in use, and it is the parent/team/Commissioner responsibility to ensure compliance with the Rules.

13. If at a training session for your child and you see goals not in use, but not properly stored, take the time to move the goals to the proper location. NHSC is only as strong as its members, and member participation is paramount to the success of NHSC and the safety of all.


1. 200 pounds must be placed on the U10/U12 goals and 240 pounds on the full size goals. When placing the sandbags, remember - additional weight is better than not enough.

2. The Club presently has two sizes of sandbags - 20 pounds and 40 pounds. The 20 pound sandbags have orange markings on them to easily differentiate these from the 40 pound bags.

3. All sandbags should be placed evenly across the back of the goal.

4. For the one set of silver goals with no back (U10 goals) place a minimum of 100 pounds on each side – close to the back of the goal (two 40lb bags and one 20lb bag per side, or three 40lb bags on each side).

5. All Pre Academy goals and Academy goals require, at a minimum, two 20 pound sandbags. When placing the sandbags, remember - additional weight is better than not enough.

6. WHEN NOT IN USE, all sandbags must be taken off the Reis Run Field and placed in the storage units which will be placed against the fences. If no storage units are available, the sandbags should be placed along the fence line – they should not be left on the field.

7. It is the coach and parents'/team's responsibility to place and remove the appropriate number of sandbags.

8. The proper number/weight sandbags must be used for all games and training sessions - no exceptions.

9. If at a training session for your child and you see sandbags on the field and not in use, and not properly stored, take the time to move the sandbags to the proper location. NHSC is only as strong as its members, and member participation is paramount to the success of NHSC and the safety of all.


1. NHSC is testing a new counterweight roller system on one of the full size goals this season (Fall 2106). One of the goals will have two rollers, each weighing 60 pounds.

2. When moving this goal, the counterweight rolling system will act as wheels for this goal, and front of this goal should be picked up and then rolled on these rollers.

3. This is relatively new technology, and care is required that this goal is moved properly to avoid injury and damage.

4. No attempt should be made to pick up this goal as this system is specifically designed to be used to roll the goal on this counterweight system.

5. If practical, NHSC will invest, over time, in additional counterweight rollers for all of its goals.

6. The goal with the counterweight rolling system will require an additional 120 pounds worth of sandbags to ensure the 240 pound requirement.

These are not suggestions or discretionary. These rules have been implemented to ensure the safety of all individuals (children, members, visitors, etc.) - not just during games, but while no teams are at Reis.

NOTE: NHSC wants to be a leader in field safety. For this reason, NHSC continues to search for the best way possible to make the field and the goals the safest in the area. NHSC has taken great strides in this area, but continues to investigate alternatives. This does not come without substantial cost to NHSC. The NHSC Board is doing its best to find alternative funding so that it does not pass the cost on to its members. Accordingly, NHSC will institute fundraising programs to pay for the costs associated with the changes and asks for your support. Your support in this effort is invaluable as NHSC is only as great as its members!

*The term “Parent” is used generally in this regard and is all inclusive depending upon circumstance. Parent refers to any adult person who is the legal guardian of the child. 
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