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Club Training

The North Hills Soccer Club believes that players should experience and enjoy soccer as a game with a focus on individual experimentation and development.  We encourage creating an environment that will help promote the player's lifelong love of the sport.  Too often, children are put into situations where development is secondary to winning, which frequently leads to burnout and stifles individual skill development.  At the Youth level, ball skills, enjoyment of and experimentation within the game are key to a player’s development.

The focus of the North Hills Soccer Club Training Program is to increase a player’s overall skill level.  The curriculum is designed to give children thousands of touches throughout the entire Program, improving their confidence level with the ball.  Players that have participated in this program in the past have seen a substantial improvement in their ball control, foot skills and overall technical development.

The North Hills Soccer Club offers Training Programs four times a year.  The spring, summer and fall programs are held at Reis Run and the winter program is held at local school gyms.

Goals of the Program

  • Improve the player's confidence and develop their understanding of how to handle a soccer ball
  • Teach players to not worry about making mistakes and encourage them to express themselves without a fear of being reprimanded
  • Develop and improve the required techniques to play soccer
  • The Program will focus on the following technical areas:
  • Being comfortable with the ball
  • Quality passing
  • Support play
  • Good first touch and control
  • Creating space
  • Awareness
  • Using both feet
  • Improved flexibility on the field
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