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Volunteer Clearances & SafeSport Training

Coaching Requirements

Per PAWest, all coaches, board members and volunteers must obtain clearances and complete SafeSport training. Referees and Players age 18 and older must have their clearances.

The following clearances are necessary:

SafeSport training can be completed here.

  • Access Code: YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M
  • Introductory courses will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete.  Refresher courses will be completed in 30 minutes.
  • There will be NO cost to complete this course.
  • First year coaches must complete the Safe Sports- US Soccer Federation training.  Prior to each season coaches, must complete the next refresher course.  Additional courses will be added by US Soccer and/or PA West at their discretion.
  • How to Complete the Course
  • Sign in or create a username for the website linked above
  • On the main screen select catalog
  • Find the specific course that is needed
  • Course 1: Safe Sports- US Soccer Federation
  • Refresher 1- Recognizing and Reporting Misconduct- US
  • Refresher 2- Preventing Misconduct- US Soccer
  • Refresher 3- Creating a Positive Sports Environment- US

Coaches Training

  • Coaches must attend a pre-season and post season session with the Director of Coaching.
  • All U8 coaches will receive a coaching handbook that includes lesson plans for each training session
  • All coaches at the U9/10 and above level must complete Grassroots Training Courses.
    • Courses can be taken online, in a hybrid model or in-person.  PA West Soccer offers various throughout the year.
    • Required:  Intro to Grassroots (free)
    • Required Based on Age Group (at a cost, but can be refunded by the club)
      • 7v7 for U9/10
      • 9v9 for U11 and U12
      • 11v11 for U13, U14 and U18
    • Other coaching license will be accepted include D, C, B, A and Pro

How to Volunteer in Registration System (Sports Connect)

The documents obtained must then be uploaded to our website content management system, Sports Connect.

  1. Create an account if you do not already have one and log into the website
  2. Select "Volunteer" tab from the left menu
  3. Select "Find Volunteer Roles"
  4. Select the appropriate program
  5. Find the appropriate program and click "Sign up." Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select "Continue."
  6. Select the appropriate volunteer
  7. Update all information including contact information and clearances and click "Continue."
  8. You will then be added as a volunteer for the age group and NHSC will then be able to attach your contact information to your team page.

PA West Risk Assessment (Coaches Cards)

If you are coaching a travel team (U9/10 and up), you must upload documentation in PA West Risk Management Program, Affinity for approval.
  1.  Go to PA West Risk Management 

  2.  Input your username and password:

    1. Username: 

    2. Password:    (Your password will be 7-8 characters long.  It will include one capital letter, lowercase letters and one number.  Please contact the registrar if this need to reset the password.)

  1. Click the green button to continue

  2. Next to your name click the button that says Register as a Coach/Admin

  3. From the drop down menu select background check

  4. Click on each box to upload the appropriate clearance.

  5. Click Save and next page


Contact Us

North Hills Soccer Club

PO Box 15446 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237

Phone: 412-438-8632
Email: [email protected]

North Hills Soccer Club

PO Box 15446 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237

Phone: 412-438-8632
Email: [email protected]
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